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We 18 Steps Technologies, Steps to build an attractive, effective and responsive website. We help to understand client and server-side scripting. Creating, editing and modifying templates for a CMS or web development framework. Testing,cross browser inconsistencies. Conducting observational user testing. Testing for compliance to specified standards such as accessibility standards in the client region. Programming interaction with JavaScript, PHP, and jQuery etc.


With everything you have to do in your business, it can be easy to ask yourself if your company logo really matters all that much. Your logo shouldn’t bear the burden of telling the whole story of your company’s history, beliefs, or mission statement. All it really needs to identify your company.We 18 Steps Technologies build a good reputation to your company by classy LOGO'S.


Thumbnails can excel someone to click on your content, drawing their attention from other content in the feed or grid. Thumbnails can also help you maintain a certain brand or aesthetic on your social media platforms. You can post lower resolution or raw videos without disrupting the overall look and feel of your feed.

banner Design

As a small business owner, you’ve only got a few seconds to grab customers’ attention.
BANNER: A banner helps you get that attention. It is basically a piece of material with a design, message and photo and is usually hung in strategic public places to increase brand awareness or spread the word at corporate events such as tradeshows and exhibitions.
FLYERS: This handy format can give customers all the details they need: menu items, services, contact info and more. And with a variety of layouts available, you can easily create a stylish, product that tells your business’s story.


No matter how great your website and social media but content speaks, We 18 Steps Technologies add most important information at the top & Keep paragraphs short- around two to three sentences.

Content creation helps us to penetrate the market segment and customers through simple words with huge explanation. Nail down your headlines. Content will increase the focus on clarity. It will increase your audience & also your orders, order value.

UX Design

Producing high-quality UX design solutions through wireframes, visual and graphic designs, flow diagrams, storyboards, site maps, and prototypes. Designing UI elements and tools such as navigation menus, search boxes, tabs, and widgets for client digital assets. Testing UI elements such as CTAs, banners, page layouts, page designs, page flows, and target links for landing pages.

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